Social Media Marketing

Proven Rankings can help enhance your company’s social media presence.

The landscape for social media marketing is changing rapidly as new networks emerge every day. Social media marketing is soaring in popularity with brands and companies of all sizes. When it comes to social, one of the most complex choices a company can make is deciding which platforms to be active on. Nowadays, brands aren’t just vying for attention against other brands. They are competing against a user’s friends and family for a spot in their social media feeds. We’re here to help your company navigate these advancements and provide real-time, educated recommendations.

We offer a FREE Internet Marketing Consultation for your business and website which includes Social Media Marketing. Our Social Media Marketing process is as follows:

Consultation & Analysis: We start by getting to know your business and industry, including competitors and business environment and target markets, goals and budgets. The first step will be to work with you and your team to develop the best strategy for your situation.

Account Set Up: One of the most critical aspects of Social Media Marketing is the first step which is to properly set and/or review and edit the appropriate Social Media Accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, that are relevant to your business. We focus on the critical aspects of your accounts, such as uniform user names, privacy settings and participation.

Create a Following: The heart of Social Media marketing is the creation of “Followers” and “Friends” and “Likes”. When your accounts are set up we launch your program by taking steps to build a strong friends and fans base, who in turn provide become involved with your page by commenting, following and signaling others about your page and your business.

Create Content: One key element of Social Media Marketing is fresh and interesting content related to your business. The activities of social media, such as “Tweets” in Twitter and posts to Facebook and other social media accounts create a new and more frequent communication of your follows and their friends as well as your business. In addition, you can quickly communicate with your followers, creating a sense of urgency is some instances and timely and valuable information in other instances. All of which is invaluable in generating new visitors to your website and improving your conversion of visitors to customers.

Extensive Reporting: A significant feature of the Social Media Networks is the extensive reporting and statistical information that is available with each account. Typically, each social media account will connect with Google Analytics to provide extensive data and reporting capabilities. This means you can monitor and adjust your marketing and advertising campaigns to improve traffic and conversion rates, which in turn improves the Return on Investment (ROI).

Increase your reach with paid advertising

The latest shift in social media, particularly with sites like Facebook and Twitter, has resulted in a decline in organic (or unpaid) reach. This means that only a small fraction of your fans are being exposed to your posts and updates. This trend has ushered in the era of paid social advertising which allows brands to hyper-target posts to both current and prospective audiences. If executed properly, highly targeted social media ads will drive brand impressions, engagement and even generate sales leads. The lines between social media advertising and PPC are blurring, and it’s important to ensure that all of your paid campaigns are running in conjunction with each other. If you are selling a product or service, you’ll need a customized, comprehensive digital marketing plan that satisfies the goals of your business. Our job is to research and explore objectives, develop strategies, implement tactics and continually optimize your brand’s presence so that you remain successful.

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