You need to be selective when hiring an SEO agency. Some agencies don’t have the experience and expertise to obtain first page rankings, nor can they provide documented proof. We have both. Some of them may outsource the work to another SEO company, usually located outside of the United States and many just don’t get the job done at all. They keep advertising for new clients as they continually get fired by the old ones once their ineffectiveness comes to light. It is very common in the SEO industry.

What makes Proven Rankings different? Results! Documented, 1st page Proven Rankings. That’s what we have produced for over a decade now.

WordPress Development

What began as a simple blogging tool, WordPress has steadily grown to become one of the most powerful and economical open-source content management systems available today. We offer a range of WordPress services to harness the power of the WordPress CMS and meet your project objectives, schedule and budget.

WordPress Design and Development Services

With 10 + years combined experience in open-source technology, our technologists can quickly set up and install a WordPress website or blog with robust functionality and an easy administrative interface. Our designers work effortlessly in WordPress to create unique designs and can customize WordPress themes to meet tight schedules and give you a positive ROI.

We’re more than a WordPress company in Minneapolis.

Unlike most WordPress development agencies that rely on WordPress for simple websites or blogs, Proven Rankings has the expertise to harness WordPress’ full suite of modules, plug-ins and themes to give you a powerful, affordable CMS solution—and great looking website. Plus, we integrate our WordPress development solutions into our full-service approach for web development that combines:

  • Strategy. Results from competitive analysis, focus groups and user surveys inform our decisions for WordPress features, as well as the site’s information architecture and content.
  • Design. Whether we’re creating a unique design, or customizing an existing WordPress theme, we execute design solutions that reflect the brand, engage users and are easy to use – and look great too.
  • Content. By understanding your goals, audience and brand, we craft meaningful messaging that drives traffic across your WordPress website.
  • Marketing. With WordPress’ powerful email, search engine optimization and social media tools, we build long-term relationships with your users. Plus, we continually optimize campaigns with your ROI in mind

Are you ready to take your web presence to the next level? Proven Rankings can help you plan, organize and develop a successful WordPress website design or re-design project. If you would like to learn more about our WordPress development services, please contact us today.

Reputation Management

Personal “Reputation Management”

We help “good” people that had a “bad” thing happen to them. Have you ever been arrested? Convicted or NOT, your Mug Shot is still all over the Internet on many different Mug Shot websites. We will help you erase them from the search results and clean up your online reputation.

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All businesses understand that a good reputation is crucial for success. It is important to remember that the Web can make or break a business. Competitors can use the Web to try and hurt your business by creating negative reviews of your products or services. Proven Rankings Reputation Management services can reduce or eliminate the damage negative reviews can cause.

Reputation Management Can Help You…

  • Plan ahead with a new business and implement strategies that will help support a positive reputation in the future.
  • Remove negative information about a product or service from the first few pages of the SERPs or push them so far back they will not be highly visible.
  • Improve and Increase visibility on the Web.
  • Monitor the Web and Track.

All businesses should be concerned with Online Reputation Management, whether they have a Web site or not. The purpose of reputation management is to create a positive “reputation” on the Web. In traditional marketing businesses typically added their business to the Yellow Pages, invested in some media advertising and invested in printed materials for advertising. Businesses planned ahead; the Web is no different.

Planning Ahead

Whether you are a large business, small business or a consultant, you need to plan ahead. New businesses and/or those with new Web sites can start out on the Web using reputation management strategies and avoid many issues in the future. Do not forget the importance of branding; Online Reputation Management can be a large part of your branding on the web.

Proven Rankings Reputation Management Services

  • Sadly, some businesses will go far on the web to hurt your business; we can show you how to eliminate some of the risks ahead of time.
  • We can show you how to use social media to maintain/improve reputation and/or increase visibility.
  • We can help you evaluate negative reviews or comments to determine if a change within your business is needed.
  • We can show you how to highlight and increase visibility for each product and/or service.
  • Forums, Message Boards and other online communities can be used to help you or hurt you. Let us show you how to monitor then and use them to your advantage
  • Creating a company blog has unlimited benefits. We can advise you on the best way to set up a blog and take advantage of its benefits.
  • We can show you free, easy and quick ways to improve and increase your visibility on the Web.

Our reputation management services use all of the resources available online to increase visibility and/or repair your reputation on the Web. It is not a difficult process if you know what to do, but it does take time and planning.

Improve Your Visibility and Improve Your Online Reputation!

If you would like to learn more about our Online Reputation Management services, please contact us to get your FREE Reputation Management analysis, and proposal. (A $250 Value)

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